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About Wet and Forget

Wet & Forget is a combination of biodegradable selective surfactants that’s used for removing Moss, Mould and Gunge on any exterior service. You can use this by diluting it in water and then applying it to the desired surface, it immediately effects targets the mould, gunge, grime and moss. This formula restarts its reaction once it rains, once it does it flushes all the undesirable elements without effecting the surface where infestation occurred. It’s the ultimate household life-hack, one that every home should most definitely have and you can buy it using our voucher codes and get the best deal on the internet today.It is the most safe and effective remedy to remove mould, moss & gunge from any and every exterior surface. This product is becoming more and more in demand because of the simple fact that these biological growths attach themselves to surfaces because of the climate. Once attached to the floor they can cause accidents and they cause damage to the masonry, bricks, outdoor furniture, roof tiles and paintwork. If you’re looking for voucher codes for Wet & Forget in 2016 then you’ve come to the right place, Code N Deal has them all and they will blow your mind. Wet & Forget is completely safe on its own, it’s non-acidic and it contains zero levels of bleach. The pH level present in Wet & Forget products is 8, which is lesser pH present in water which stands at 7. People have been waterblasting to remove grim and growth since ages but it has always been a bit too abrasive and aggressive because it lifts the paint, weakens cement and scours timber. Also waterblasting isn’t a permanent solution as it doesn’t kill the growth as the growth spore remains active. By using the promo codes present on our website you can get these products with free shipping.

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